End of week 1

Potty training is by far thee most stressful thing I’ve experienced as a parent. Even getting DS off the dummy was a breeze compared to this.

However we’ve survived the first week… just!!!

Days 5, 6 and 7 my DS was with my SIL all day whilst I was at work and she is a miracle worker 🙂

For the life of me I could not get him to wear pants, instead he went commando but I knew we couldn’t go on like this (chaffing whilst wearing jeans was in forefront of my mind) and I didn’t want this.

So on his first day at my SIL I took his nappy off after breakfast (and a poo) and let him run about bottomless until 5 mins before we needed to head out the door (I kept the potty close by as I got ready for work). He refused to put pants on so I put a pair of soft cotton lined jeans on him, got the potty and stuff bagged up and we headed out the door.

I dropped him off and he was quite chuffed to show his Aunty his potty. I left with her taking his jeans off, easy access to the potty. I hadn’t even driven away from her house when she texted to say he was wearing pants!!

He never had any accidents whilst with her, he even wore pants for his afternoon nap and when he woke up he asked to use the loo. He wants to use her loo all the time, he doesn’t use the potty at her house.

He pee’d on the floor in our house before bath time on days 5 and 6, which was really frustrating as he’d never had any accidents with my SIL through the day.

On day 5 I was sitting with him when I noticed his jeans were wet, he’d not even looked like he needed to go and never mentioned the potty (he just silently pee’d himself).

Last night he was lying on the floor, bottomless, and I’d just thought “I wonder if he’d pee whilst lying on his back?” – he replied with a pee! Did I make him pee with the power of thought? :-/

Gina Ford tells you not to use pull-ups as they’ll confuse kids. I have put them on DS before, when he was going for a nap and again for a long car trip and he did pee in them. To my son I’m assuming they feel like a nappy and thats why she says they’ll confuse them.

My SIL put pull-ups on him to take him shopping on days 6 and 7. On day 6 his pull-up was dry when she took it off him back at her house.

Today, day 7, he had his nap with a pull-up on as he fell asleep when they were out shopping then he did a poo in them. But he was put back in pants after getting cleaned up and has remained dry the rest of the day.

So day 7 has been the first day he’s had no accidents at all, not even in our house tonight 😉 I was starting to think his day wasn’t complete until he’d seen me on my hands and knees cleaning up pee!! 😉 But he went to the potty by himself 3 times tonight, the first time he still had his trousers and pants on and sat on the potty. When I went to help him take them off he threw a wobbly. So I left it 5 mins and managed to persuade him to take his jeans off. When they’d been off for about 10 mins he went and sat on the potty by himself and did a pee. So it looks like he can hold it in, I’m hoping this 10 mins will stand us in good stead for the next couple of weeks when we’re out and need to get to a loo.

So here’s to week 2. There’s nothing in the book about going about your normal life after week 1. To be honest I’m still not confident about taking him out shopping (without a pull-up) and I’m not going to take him to a toddler group we normally go to either. I don’t want to put him in pull-ups so we can do more, just in case it does set him back and he starts pee’ing his pants. I had to put him in pull-ups on day 2 to get out the house as I thought I was going mad. I took him to a local shop and bought him new stickers as I thought that’d help with the accidents but it didn’t at the time but he loves the new stickers now). Being cooped up is not good for either of us!

I know we can’t stay in the house until he gets to the stage where he can say “mum I need a pee”! Could this be as much as a year away??!!

So I’m considering “feeling the fear and doing it any way” and as my friend who’s also potty training her wee boy says “what’s the worse that can happen? They’ll pee or poo themselves”!

I just don’t know if I’m strong enough to deal with a potential tantrum in Asda when I suggest we go and see if he can manage a pee in the big loo. Or have to leave my shopping and take him to get changed out of wet clothes. Should I take the potty everywhere we go?

That’s another thing I’ve noticed this past week…his behaviour hasn’t been great to say the least. I’ve used the naughty step twice this week and I’d never used it before, not sure if the 2 things are related?

What to do…

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Here we go…

So I start this blog on our first day of “proper” potty training.

It went okay I think! This was B’s first full day nappy free (until bed time anyway) and it went better than some stories I’ve read.

I’m following the Gina Ford book “Potty Training in One Week”.

I’ve typed up a summary and pinned it on the wall in the toy room – the room we spend most of our time, so the room I’ve decided we should keep the potty in to start with.

So tomorrow we’re on day 2, so it’ll be a day much like today I expect, where we’ll be confined to barracks. I need to think of things for us to do so we don’t get cabin fever, things we didn’t do today so B doesn’t get bored. I think we might try and make cards for my parents with glue and paint… could be messy but hopefully lots of fun for us both (o:

More on what happened today…

I waited until B’d had his breakfast and his first poo. He always has a poo after breakfast so this will help with potty training, I’ll know once he’s in pants all the time to make sure he gets to the loo after breakfast.

So I got him out of his pj’s and dirty nappy and tried to put pants on him but he was having none of it… like before!

He did however let me put trousers on him so he went commando (o:

The first time he used the potty today he didn’t quite manage to point down enough into the potty so he pee’d on his trousers (his 1st pair).

He pee’d on his 2nd pair when he climbed on to his table and had a pee, whilst I nipped out the room for 1 minute to put something in the kitchen. I thought he’d not be ready for a pee at this time so thought it’d be safe to leave him on his own, this wasn’t the case obviously!

He pee’d on his 3rd pair of trousers when he hid under the table and wouldn’t come out. I knew he needed a pee but he just refused to use the potty. It wasn’t until he’d came out from under the table and sat on my knee that I could smell the urine so realised he must have pee’d.

So after the 3rd pair I decided we’d leave the trousers off for the day and there were (luckily) no more accidents.

He poo’d in the potty (quite by accident) at a time of the day he never normally poo’s at so I wasn’t expecting it. He looked quite uncomfortable and I was asking him what was wrong but he couldn’t say. I thought he needed to use the potty so was trying to get him to sit on it when a massive poo landed in the potty, quickly followed by another! So glad they did, I’ve not got a weak stomach but no one wants to handle a hot steaming poo!! 😉 – read a blog today about a woman who catches her daughters poo in her hands as her DD refuses to poo in the potty. The mum would rather do this than have her DD in agony with a sore tummy… unconditional love? I think so!

So all in all we had 5 pee’s in the potty, 1 poo in the potty and 2 pee accidents.

I asked him an hour after every pee if he wanted to use the potty or if he needed a pee. Nearly every time he said no apart from one time when I asked him nicely if he’d do Mum a favour and sit on the potty, the second time I bribed him (he asked for a biscuit and i told him he could have one if he sat on the potty – I was desperate!!). He took the bait, sat on the potty and got a biscuit… however the potty remained dry and empty! I knew he was needing and really didn’t want to have to clean up the mess.

However, he did eventually do a pee when he was in the bath a half hour later, the first time he’s pee’d in the bath for months. I started getting him to sit on the potty when he wouldn’t pee in the bath, he point blank refused, cried and held himself so tight he must have been hurting himself. No matter how many times I told him it’d be ok if he went, he just didn’t want to. However he went tonight in the bath and thought it was hilarious! Don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing now 😉

So tomorrow is another day and again I’ll try and get him to wear pants. Gina Ford says it’s important for them to understand the difference between wet and dry and that wet is uncomfortable. Having wet trousers today though didn’t seem to phase him in the slightest, so can’t imagine having wet pants on will have a different effect.

I was hoping that if/when he did wet his clothes that he’d hate it and this would then make him want to use the potty. He most definitely knows when he needs to go as he sat on the potty and pee’d twice today without me having to ask him.

If he doesn’t want to wear pants again tomorrow, he’ll be going commando again! All 3 pairs of trousers have been washed and dried, ready for day 2 of our 7 day potty training plan…

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